Blog - Learning to Draw

Several years ago, when I was teaching a special education class I learned that art was a great way to reach students who had been unsuccessful in many areas. Inspite of having spent years saying "I can't draw", I had to find ways to encourage my students to love drawing. One of the ways I found was a video tape (I did say many years ago!) by Mark Kistler called "Draw Squad". Mark was dressed in a jacket with loops to hold crayons down both sleeves. His zany chatter and weird drawings encouraged my students and myself to love playing with pencil and paper. While entertaining us, he also taught us many of the important elements of art.

Now several years down the road, I am a full time artist but still looking for ways to practise my drawing skills. That's how I rediscovered Mark Kistler and this book. It is aimed at older youth and adults and is a good place to start if you're just beginning to draw. It is also a good way to review your skills or find daily warm ups if you're already used to drawing. A good companion to his earlier books aimed at younger children, adults would find this one useful if they want to help children learn to draw.

You can also find some fun lessons by Mark on Youtube.

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