Snowbird Art & Snowbird Press

by Marvyn Rivett - painter and printmaker

Paint and Sip

A Note From Liz...
You’ve probably noticed that we will be hosting a paint and wine night. Sounds
like a fun evening! But did you know that it could benefit your health too! Let me
explain: Painting has a calming effect on the body. When we express ourselves in a creative way, through painting, drawing, dance, drama, etc., our mind is temporarily relieved of stress. You may not know this, but I am a Reiki Practitioner and many of the people I see complain of heavy debilitating stress in their lives. As a compliment to a Reiki Healing Treatment I will often recommend drawing, coloring and painting as a means to let go of some of that tension. Like automatic writing, just go with it, follow your instinct and create something beautiful and uniquely yours while releasing some pent up anxiety/stress. Sometimes it also helps clear the mind just enough to let in solutions or clear thought. Along with these added benefits, a night spent at The Village Winemaker painting with us will definitely be a highlight in your week and ours! We’ll have a wonderful artist, Marvyn Rivett, lead us in our creative expression and yes, we’ll have some snacks and wine too. I hope you’ll join us on Thursday, September 17th from 7pm
See you then